Sustainable Living

Sustainability is so important now. If like many others you would like to reduce your demand for natural resources then here are a list of companies all promoting a sustainable now.

New companies will be added every Sunday. 



Clothes, rucksacks, water bottles, sleeping bags and more. Patagonia has the mission to build the best product while causing no unnecessary harm to the environment. Which is better, the fact that they use some of their profits to help grassroots activism or the fact that they have a worn wear programme where they fix your gear… for free, for life!




who gives a crap toilet roll logo

A simple yet fun idea. Creating toilet paper using only environmentally friendly materials while also donating a massive 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need.

Check out their story and products here: 


If you’re looking for fashionable clothes that have though for environment then this company is definitely worth checking out. Based in London,  Thought use four main products;  cotton, bamboo, wool and hemp. Sustainable fashion plus Thought make all of their products in the same country  from start to finish helping to reduce shipping. 

Check them out here: