How did it come to this?

The reason why RestoreRevolution started.

Surely this isn’t normal? A baby monitor lizard going about their day through literally… a sea of trash!

For me, this is the photograph that made me want to change.

Rewind nearly two years and I left my job in England to go travelling so that I could learn new cultures, see new places and meet new people from around the world. The adventure didn’t disappoint and it’s everything I imagined; in fact, the trip has inspired me to start my first blog!

Travelling, it meant that 24 hours of each day belonged to me, I didn’t have work to contend with (unless I needed money) so it meant finding interesting things to do to occupy my time with, whether it be going to see some temples in Thailand or swimming with sharks down under. In this photo, my time was spent watching a baby monitor lizard go about his or her day jumping from rubbish… to dead fish… back to rubbish and so on, in the Chao Phraya river, Thailand.

litter in thailand

Litter is something that every single one of us can relate to; the other day, I read a fact that there will be more plastic in the ocean than there is fish by 2050. I’m not sure how they work that fact out but it seems really sad to imagine that because of consumerism, animals are suffering. For me, we can make a massive difference but more ownership should be put on businesses rather than the customers because it’s businesses that are creating and packaging the products me and you buy.

RestoreRevolution – An innovative company utilising waste materials to promote for a clean, healthy & sustainable future. FOR TODAY. FOR TOMORROW.

RestoreRevolution Logo

I hope you like the logo. Business has always been a passion for me and so has the outdoors. What better way to enjoy the two than combining them together; spending time in the outdoors to find waste materials I can somehow use to create handcrafted items that hopefully give more value than items which are mass produced by a robot, damage the environment and lack originality. Saying that, using waste materials may mean that some of the products I make do not have the straightest of edges or they may carry the odd scar here and there but for me that shows that these materials all have their own unique story.

The products are handcrafted partly from waste materials, the packaging is handcrafted from waste materials and this is a new art I am constantly improving to highlight the need for litter reduction to help our environment.

Please have a look around at my shop page, about page and remember to give the Facebook page a like to stay up to date with my blog posts.








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