Have you ever witnessed a Swan purchasing a bottle of Lambrini or a Blue Tongue Lizard purchasing a plastic pipe?

Have you ever witnessed a Swan purchasing a bottle of Lambrini or a Blue Tongue Lizard purchasing a plastic pipe? The answer to those questions is probably no so my next question is… Why is there so much litter lying around?

clean up

On a Sunday morning in December, the last thing you want to do is go out into the cold weather and pick up Litter that other people have left on the floor. Luckily though, and I use that term loosely, I don’t have to walk very far to fill this bag with waste collected along a canal path. (No more than 500 metres which is rather worrying.)

It’s worrying for a few different reasons;


blue tongue lizard
A Blue Tongue Lizard trapped inside plastic piping in Australia before a person has to set it free while working with a friend on behalf of Greenpeace Australia.

It’s impossible to put an exact figure on just how many Animals are affected by litter every year across the world but we have all seen videos of Sea Turtles with straws stuck up their nostrils or Dolphins trapped in nets unable to set themselves free. Everybody can relate to Animals and it’s sad to consider that millions of Animals die globally due to consuming the waste thinking it is food or getting trapped.

It’s a danger to people

pigeon dead

These photos that I take along with other people are not taken in remote places where other people can not get to, they are taken in places where everybody is free to roam and it’s worrying that a child could be out one day playing with a dead pigeon or falling over and cutting themselves on broken glass. Does it not make sense to give children a clean environment to play where you know they will be safe?


What can we do?


Nobody wants to be the reason that a species goes extinct. After all,  Sir David Attenborough would be out of work and we would all miss the Blue planet documentaries!

Right now, 50% of all the worlds plastic goes into items that are only used once! If people can make the change from single use plastic in just a few of the items they use then that is a massive impact we will have on the environment. Here are three changes which I have made and it’s actually healthier, saves money and still makes a huge difference on the envrionment.


  1. Say NO to single use plastic straws



  • Sea Turtles do not deserve to be swimming with these in their nostrils. Imagine the pain.
  • Millions of plastic straws are discarded every day. Toxins from plastic go in waterways contaminating water quality.


2) Invest in a re-usable bottle. 

bottleplastic bottle


  • You save money from constantly having to purchase new water plastic water bottles. This website says that 25% of bottled water is sourced from the tap!
  • It’s healthier; many bottled drink contain toxin which is not natural for your body. If you drink from a material which is much stronger and less likely to carry these toxins then that can only be a plus! The bottle I use above here.
  • Plastic is just not sustainable so going through plastic bottles like there is no tomorrow is going to result in… a bad tomorrow for somebody or something.


3) Change starts with you

Talk about litter because most people are in the same boat but many people just feel they don’t know how they can help or where to even start! If you like this post then share it with your friends and family because litter is affecting everybody.

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