Introducing Litterati, an innovative mobile app developed to create a litter free world.


Social media is an ever growing platform and with a growing population… so is litter! Litterati is a community that’s working together to clean the planet, one bit of litter at a time. It’s a really unique way of making the litter problem known because so many people are now connected to social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

With over 200,000 posts on Instagram, it’s clear to see that the person who created the app is making a massive difference thanks to individuals coming together and sharing their data on litter.

bench litter

Why is the app so important?

Personally, this app is so important for three reasons.

  • Motivation – most people that are trying to solve the litter problem probably feel as if it’s a never ending battle but this app creates a community where people can be inspired, motivated while also sharing stories with other people who are interested in making a difference. (Just check out #Litterati on Instagram to see the difference people are making around the world!)
  • Most common littered items – Although you can not create an exact image of the person who is littering, we can become more aware of places that are being most littered by geo-tagging and also tagging which items are picked up, e.g. straws, McDonalds cups, beer cans, cigarettes etc.) This is really useful because it allows services which work with litter to strategically plan for a reduction in litter whether that be placing public bins in littered hot spots or having signs to deter people from littering.
  • Business Inspiration – Litterati allows us to see some of the most littered materials wherever you want which can help to inspire businesses to create alternatives which will help reduce the most littered items. Plastic straws are one of the most littered products on the app, did you know we can now get biodegradable paper straws! Imagine if companies like Mcdonalds Incorporated that; they could make a huge impact across the world.

litterati 2

How the app started

Litterati all started thanks to a person called Jeff Kitschner. In fact, he says he was inspired by his daughter when he was walking on the hills of San Francisco Bay with her and she noticed a piece of litter. Looking puzzled, she.stopped to tell her Dad that the litter doesn’t belong there. This wasn’t the first time Jeff stumbled across Litter but when his daughter told him, it made him aware of how big of a problem litter is.

As I said in one of my previous blogs, when children become involved in problems, it’s then when people start to take notice.


stall 1

Todays Blog is only short because I have been busy doing my first stall today selling handmade items which I have collected from picking litter, businesses as well as friends and family members saving materials they would normally throw out. The stall went well and it turns out that people really like recycled gifts that have a story behind them (after all, it’s helping to keep our streets clean).

All of us can make a massive difference in the way we see litter so I’m going to leave three challenges which are really easy to do;

  1. Download the litterati app and for just one week, take a picture of one piece of litter (do more if you want!) and post it on instagram or just the app with the hashtag #Litterati.
  2. Share this post. Let people know that they can make a massive difference by being a part of a community that wants to create a sustainable environment.
  3. Ask one person what they think about Litter.  This is definitely the easiest to do. Whether you have a break at work or your waiting for I’m a celeb to come on, ask just one person (anybody you want) what they think of litter.

I’m pretty sure that everybody is in the same boat and would love to see a clean environment. Anyway, Let me know what you think of Litterati and have a look to see which areas are most commonly littered where you live, you’ll be surprised how many people are using this app!



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